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Grunt'уем Jade и SASS

Nikita Seleckis

Language: Russian. Session: Show and tell

В данном докладе на реальных примерах раскрываются особенности применения препроцессоров Jade и SASS, а также их эффективное использование совместно с инструментом Grunt.

REST с Symfony2 и Backbone.js

Anton Kasperovich

Language: Russian. Session: A short presentation to get things started

Создание одностраничных приложений с использованием Symfony2, REST, RequireJS и Backbone.js.

Mythbusters attack Gamification

Vladimirs Ivanovs

Language: English. Session: A short presentation to get things started

Meet the Mythbusters, who will look closer at Gamification. According to Gartner, Gamification has climbed on a "peak of inflated expectations" in it's Hype Cycle. Like any new trend, gamification will move through the hype cycle and next stop is - "trough of disillusionment". Gartner predicts that by 2014, 80% of current gamified applications will fail. What can we do?

PHP. Эволюция.

Andrejs Čirkovs and Romans Švecs

Language: Russian. Session: Show and tell

В сессии:

  • Мир после composer.phar + packagist.
  • Скорость развития, новые направления; наличие в core team php разработчиков популярнейших framework'ов
  • PHP-FIG или наконец-то стандартизация
  • NodeJs -> ReactPHP
  • less/sass/uglify ->
  • etc :)

5 правильных решений и 5 ошибок на пути к позиции крупнейшей веб-студии Латвии

Константин Рукин

Language: Russian. Session: A short presentation to get things started

Расскажу о личном опыте управления студией, о том что надо делать для быстрого роста компании, и чего делать нельзя.

Opening your office in New York, experience

Antons Sapriko

Language: English. Session: Show and tell

Successful start up face challenge of relocation. Sometimes it is California, some time it is Eastern Coast and NYC. CEO can share his timeline of arriving to NYC as a complete n00b with zero contacts, to moving PMs and developers team there, signing contracts, opening US bank account and legal entity LLC, all during 3 weeks time.

Юзабилити через тестирование

Max Kovalev

Language: Russian. Session: A short presentation to get things started

Факты, графики, исследования, call to action. Небольшие кейсы, последующее упрощение регистрационной формы на практическом примере. Кейс белорусского стартапа Quoteroller (raised 655,000$), увеличение количества регистраций на 300%. Инструменты тестирования\аналитики.

HTML5 Cross-Platform Development

Ilya Pukhalski

Language: English. Session: Group discussion

I believe if it is unconference I can make it live without any description defined. I will just make a short presentation about how we can use HTML5/JS to build desktop and mobile apps and then the discussion will be open. Right?

MySQL NDB Cluster — before NoSQL was cool

Arvids Godjuks

Language: Russian. Session: A short presentation to get things started

An introduction to NDB Cluster. It seems people just don't know about this powerful solution and in many cases where it fits it is not even considered or even mentioned. Let's rectify this!

Hacking the Nutshell

Jean Mauris

Language: Russian. Session: Show and tell

Very controversial talk about hacking developers’ lives to move forward and push boundaries of who you really are. Insight on how to make your way from junior or senior developer to CTO of a successful startup. Corporations and enterprises kill your creativity and keep you in a nutshell, time to break the rules and be free. It’s time to fight back. Disrupt your life, think outside the box and get amazing shit done. It’s your era to shine like a fucking diamond. Grab it!