Why it is so different?

  • “Everyone's invited!”

    Yes! With the motto 'Everyone's invited!' we're planning to go even further. Now we aim at bringing knowledge sharing authorship to everyone. Not only selected professionals have a right to declare the point of view from the stage, but every attendee is encouraged to actively participate and make the point this time. Why? Because we are the IT community.

  • Why unconference?

    We select this unique format, because it creates the space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity. The sessions convened will range from formal to informal: from the well thought out talk reflecting years of practice to the ‘new idea’ that would be fun to talk about, from the demonstration of a working tool to the white-boarding of something completely new.

  • Why should I?

    Because it is good deed. As it will be a FREE-for-ANYONE event, we invite sponsors to help us to make it as nicer as possible. Any help will be appreciated, both in-kind and financial. We target the IT professionals as well as out-of-industry people, especially the students.

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Latvian Developers Network

It's all about not being locked in a certain platform or company's culture. LDN is a possibility to share own thoughts, experience and passion for software creation among the whole community.

Agile Latvia

Agile Latvia is a community with a goal to spread information about Agile practices amongst Latvian software development professionals and industry newcomers.